12 Songs, 36 Minutes


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4.3 out of 5
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215 Ratings
BAMFlicous ,

All the song names are characters from shows

Besides the totally awesome sound this band is putting out I think it’s really cool that all the songs are based off of characters. At least I’m pretty sure, most of these are guesses. Nyu is from Elfen Lied, Leeloo is from The Fifth Element, Ellie is from The Last of Us(?), Lucy is from the movie Lucy. Mikasa is from Attack On Titan, Aeris is from Final Fantasy, Three-Fifty I’m guessing is from South Park, Phoenix is from X-Men, Matriarch I’m guessing is from the the comic books featuring The Matriarch, Teleute is from DC Comics which is the name for Death, Daenerys is definitely from Game of Thrones, and Lisbeth is from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Pakdbbvh)-?!$ ,

this is...bad

I tried telling myself to like this album. I tried. I loved this band and I didn't want this album to be a disappointment, but that's all it is. The new vocalist is good, but not for this band. It just sounds like every other band. The guitar and drum work has really gotten lighter, and the songs took an overall happier tone. This isn't Veil of Maya, this is a waste of money.

iem3 ,

Now, they're just doing what everyone else is, but a little better...

I've liked this band since 'The Common Man's Collapse.' That album will always be great in my eyes. Obviously, they sound nothing like that today. This band didn't just add singing (I refuse to call it "cleans"), but they also changed their sound and simplified their songs with a more predictable and repetitive approach. In other words, they have waited until their fourth album to just do what so many other bands are doing already. With that said, it's Veil Of Maya, so one positive is that they're doing it a bit better than the others. Judging the songs on their own, ignoring how great VOM's past was, the new album is pretty good. The singer is pretty solid, but it's the kind of drastic change in direction that may keep me from liking this more, and the simplifying of overall writing that may leave me bored, where past VOM albums never bored me.

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