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Mastered for iTunes

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7 Ratings
Steve Douglas

Maxwell Street-Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters

With the new release of ‘Maxwell Street’, Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters have taken a sharp left hand turn from the release of their previous 2015 ‘Father’s Day’ CD which highlighted their exuberant and powerful blues chops and enthusiastic and determined vocals. ‘Maxwell Street’ showcases their softer side making for a beautifully produced, well balanced mix of jazz/blues inflected instrumentals and smokey chanteuse vocals by Diane Blue that will simply blow you away with emotion.

The opening cut, ‘Mother Angel’, a classy instrumental segues perfectly to a fine version of ‘As the Tears Go Passing By’ as heartfelt as you can find and supported by wonderfully clean and spacious guitar work

As the release is dedicated to Broadcaster member, David Maxwell, who recently passed from this earth, ‘Blues for David Maxwell’ , the guitar leads leave just enough room in between the notes to take the tune and hand off to the keyboard while the slow blues of the rhythm section provides just the support it needs. I would imagine that David Maxwell would be most pleased.

‘Bro Joe’ brings on some of the power we found in the previous release with an instrumental shuffle, once again highlighted by some extraordinarily tasteful guitar work and backing organ that is both fun to listen to as well as to get on the dance floor with. ‘Double Trouble’, a slow blues number continues the theme of a voice saying ‘Hey, just kick back, relax and get deep into some of the finest blues/jazz tunes that have been released in a very long time. Once again, vocalist Diane Blue digs deep going back to the origins of all blues numbers with themes of love and home lost, retaining the hope of better things to come. ‘Sonnet for a Bluesman’, with its subdued rhythm section and all instrumental ensemble featuring both keyboards and guitar work free of distortion and other effects, is just the tune for a bluesman’s rainy day.

I have got to praise the leap of faith and out of the box thinking that Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters have put into this release. Sincerity is the name of the game here. Nothing pretentious or overdone and the missing of keyboardist David Maxwell is evident in this CDs tone of loss and longing. Yep, it is a far cry from their previous CD but that is what makes it so special.

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Same old, same old

Ronnie Earl and his band have always been great, unfortunately this release sounds like all the rest.

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