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About Danny Ocean

Singer/producer Danny Ocean was born Daniel Morales in Caracas, Venezuela. He worked for a time under the moniker Danny O.C.T., beginning a music career around 2009 and producing several EPs before relocating to Miami, Florida around 2015 to escape the bleak political and economic landscape of Venezuela. Working low-paying jobs and feeling generally lonely and displaced, Morales wrote the song "Me Rehuso" in 2016, thinking of his girlfriend back in Venezuela. He uploaded the song to his YouTube channel, and while it was slow to catch on, the song eventually became a viral hit, being streamed hundreds of millions of times online and even going so far as to demand a relaunch and an English-language version, "Baby I Won't." Danny Ocean signed into an interesting partnership of major labels in 2017, with Warner Music Latina handling his Spanish-sung recordings while Atlantic worked his English-sung material. ~ Fred Thomas

Caracas, Venezuela