11 Songs, 41 Minutes


About Jolaurlo

Italian punk act Jolaurlo formed in 1999 in Acquaviva delle Fonti, near Bari, their first line-up comprised of Marzia Stano on vocals and keyboards, guitarist Gianni Masci, Antonello Chinderni on bass, and Valentino Caporizzi on drums. Up until 2004 the band took part in some important competitions; opened some gigs for the likes of Prozac +, 24 Grana, and Articolo 31; and recorded a couple of demos. In the meantime, the lineup expanded with the arrival of Rossella "Poppy" Pellegrini on guitar, while Bruno De Sanctis and Gianluca Rimei joined the band on bass and drums, respectively, the latter to be replaced by Paolo Difilippo. After the arrival of Leonida Maria on percussion, in 2005 Jolaurlo released their first album, D'Istanti, whose songs created an explosive mixture of punk, ska, and electronics. Jolaurlo's sophomore effort, InMediataMente, followed two years later. By then the band had relocated to Bologna, and once again changed its drummer (the role was taken by Tore Nobile). In 2008 the band took part in the annual Primo Maggio gig in Rome, one of the most important live events in Italy. ~ Aurelio Pasini

Acquaviva delle Fonti, Italy