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13 Ratings

Love this

This guy is such an underrated an unknown musician, it's amazing what he comes up with. TUMBLEWEEDS FTW

Wild hearts can't be broken

Incredible on a couple different levels

For those not aware of Jean Baudin, he's an 11 string (yes, 11!) solo bass player who utilizes amazing tapping skills and a number of effects (most notably delay) to create songs with layers of depth to them.

Realizing that these songs are all done in one take with no overdubs (one song features a minute and a half of live looping) it's easy to be impressed by the technical ability Jean demonstrates, but (at least in my opinion) it's on repeated listening that the real value of this album becomes apparent. This isn't solo bass music to be appreciated by virtue of the artist's chops. This is simply GOOD ambient music that happens to be played on a monster bass by a monster player.

The opening track "Crustaceans" is full of shifts in direction from the opening which does an light and airy aural impression of crabs walking the beach and ending with a powerful harmonized, tremoloed stereo fuzz. Some of these songs feel incredibly expansive and deep such as "Lost" and the closing track "Sanguine". And on the other side there is the decidely quirky "Pink Slime" which makes a great interlude and sounds like the best track for a video game that never existed. The arcade is certainly part of the headspace of a bassist who has a Joust inlay on one bass and names a track "Dhalsim". That song has a decided Indian feel and a real bounce to it along with a cool downswept envelope filter.

The title track and the song that follows it ("Phoenix") both have the feel of classical music to me and are showcases for Jean's chops. It's hard for me to pick a favorite but I actually think "Ephemera" is it for me. It's the shortest songs on the album clocking in at two and a half minutes but it has this wonderful interplay of dark and light that I really dig.

If you are looking for ambient music that gives you something new on each listen I can't recommend Jean Baudin's "Mechanisms" highly enough. And for anyone in Northern California, see if you can catch him playing live. I saw Jean in Berkeley about 4 years ago and have been a fan ever since. Just a talented musician who was also an incredibly friendly guy as we found out after the show. And I hope people support him and the music he makes by buying this album.


It takes me to another world.

The compositions are extremely creative and well thought out. An emotional story of epic proportions can be felt from these tracks. If you're looking for a trance inducing sound that sets your imagination free, check this out.

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