8 Songs, 35 Minutes


About Jason Hogans

Jason Hogans' first release, Peter and the Rooster, combined drum'n'bass, techno, jazz, and hip-hop elements. The album helped pave a new direction for its label, Planet E Communications, for developing and releasing new, younger artists.

Raised in the home of a Detroit pastor, Hogans grew up in a fairly sheltered environment. Throughout school, Hogans developed his talent for music by playing a variation of instruments. Inspired by discovering the world outside his sheltered life and the drum-driven music of Sade, Duran Duran, Chaka Khan, and the sound of Miami bass, Hogans aspired to do music that was rhythm focused and could be listened to with the good conscience his upbringing. Initially listening to the bohemian funk of Tribe Called Quest, Hogans's view on music changed when he heard the Metalheadz compilation Platinum Breaks, Vol. 1. He credits the Hidden Agenda track "The Flute Tune" as bending his ear toward the sounds of drum'n'bass-type rhythms and leading to the lay down of the well recieved track, "Warm and Fuzzy" for Peter and the Rooster. It was through a fellow producer and friend, Matt Chicoine that Hogans was introduced to the Planet E camp. Fans of one another's work, Chicoine (Recloose) introduced Hogans to Planet E director Carl Craig once he was signed as an artist to the Detroit based label. Jason Hogans's debut album Peter and the Rooster was recorded in late 1998 and released in 1999. ~ Diana Potts