10 Songs, 54 Minutes


A progressive metal journey.


A progressive metal journey.


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8 Ratings



I have only heard the first song (Matter) released from this album due in Sep 2017 but wow! Fantastic songwriting. Great guitars, amazing vocal melodies. I'm not a big fan of harsh vocals at the end but this song is so great it doesn't matter. Now I've got to check out their back catalog.

Can't wait!


Really excited about the return with some new music! Both singles are great!

A moody, well developed next step


So apparently no one likes to listen to an album before reviewing it...

This album took some time to really grow on me as they have evolved and started relying on some drum machines, synths, etc. Normally I don't appreciate when more traditional acts go down this path but they really made it work on this effort.

There is so much depth to this collection of songs that I can't really explain it. A lot of the songs are mellow but maintain a brooding feeling that ultimately is manifested at some point whether it is later in the track or possibly on the next track. Melancholia Hyms feels really like one song and almost gives off the feeling of a motion picture soundtrack.

It is best digested as one entire piece of music versus a track by track collection as so many of us are used to. They continue their almost odd track sequencing by including shorter separate sections and interludes in one non-congruent track. A more traditional approach would be to just have more shorter tracks but they are able to pull it off since the intent is one bigger picture.

This album contains a maturity to it along with incorporating everything they have done well in the past. It is expansive, far reaching, and above all ambitious. They have succeeded in pulling off an amazing post/alt/progressive rock project that I am continuing to absorb. This very may end up as a top ten album in my library.

About Arcane Roots

London-based power trio Arcane Roots blended incredibly technical, progressive metal with big, bombastic pop hooks, gradually building their stock to become one of the U.K.'s favorite underground rock bands and a compelling live draw. The band formed in 2006 after guitarist/vocalist Andrew Groves and drummer Daryl Atkins met while studying music technology together at Reigate College in Surrey. Recruiting bassist Frank Tiramani, they recorded a number of home demos, leading to their self-released 2008 debut EP Brave the Sea, tracked at the same studio where Reuben had laid down their debut. An eponymous second EP arrived the following year, and a third, Left Fire, was released in 2010, by which point Tiramani had left the band to be replaced by Adam Burton. The EPs, and the band's explosive live performances, were well-received by the press, drawing comparisons with Biffy Clyro, Muse, and At the Drive-In, securing them a management deal. In 2012, Arcane Roots played their biggest show to date at the Greenbelt Festival. That year, they signed to PIAS, which re-released Left Fire, and put out their debut full-length album, Blood & Chemistry the following year. The album went to number seven on the U.K. rock chart; the band played the Download Festival, and toured with their heroes Muse and Biffy Clyro. In 2015, Atkins left, replaced by Jack Wrench. That year the band left PIAS and signed with Easy Life for the release of their fourth EP, Heaven & Earth. Arcane Roots spent much of 2016 holed up in the studio working on their sophomore full-length. When its first single "Curtains" emerged late that year, it revealed a new direction for the band, tempering their traditional fire with a more electronica-influenced sound redolent of Radiohead's Kid A period. Two further singles followed before the band's second album, Melancholia Hymns, appeared in mid-2017, also through Easy Life. ~ John D. Buchanan

Kingston-upon-Thames, London, Eng