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Haters will only hate.

Desecrate and Demolish,

This band isnt going to surprise you musically. If your looking for something complex walk away. If you want to hear anger coming from a urban warzone called Flint, Michigan AKA Murdertown your on the right track. The band isnt "trying" to be hard, they are products of their enviroment. All of the negative reveiws of this are strictly coming from online thugs who think they are authorities on life and "real metal." The EP is awesome and this album will tear it up as well. They are great live if you get a chance to check them out too. Dont be like the negative reviewers though nd completely base your assumptions on what everyone else is saying about them. Open your mind up and let the bands anger in, you might just like it.

Can't wait for this


Haters will go after anything popular. True lovers of heavy music will love this album.

About King 810

Based out of the gritty and problematic yet musically rich blue-collar city of Flint, Michigan, King 810 specialize in effusive slabs of nu-metal-infused modern hard rock that invokes names like Slipknot and Korn. Formed around the talents of frontman David Gunn, guitarist Andrew Beal, bass player Eugene Gill, and drummer Andrew Workman, the band flexed its muscles regionally and issued a debut album, Midwest Monsters, independently in 2012 before inking a deal with Roadrunner Records. Their debut for the label, Memoirs of a Murderer, followed in 2014. Early 2016 saw the band issue a new single, "We Gotta Help Ourselves," in an effort to raise money for and awareness about the Flint water crisis. La Petite Mort or a Conversation with God, the band's much anticipated sophomore studio album for Roadrunner, dropped in September of that year. ~ James Christopher Monger

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