15 Songs, 1 Hour 1 Minute


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4 out of 5

8 Ratings

8 Ratings

Holy Crap.

Katie Lamont

This is the most amazing movie soundtrack in awhile. Fitting for an equally incredible film.

Worth every penny.


This is easily one of my favorite film scores of the year. Bibio has done a wonderful job with it, and it fits the film extremely well. Also they make excellent sleeping songs.

Individual Songs?


I would buy parts of this soundtrack if it were offered individually, but I will not purchase $15 worth of music that I don't need. I love Bibio, want to support him, but cannot, in good conscience, buy "The First Daffodils" and "Dye the Water Green" in their original versions - as fine as they may be - for a third time (they are available both on the "Silver Wilkinson" album and "Dye the Water Green" EP). Furthermore, as good as the non-exclusive Bibio songs may be in the context of the film, they aren't desirable purchases. I would love to see an individual release of the four new Bibio tracks, or for iTunes to offer the traditional, a la carte purchase options. Until then, no sale.

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