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13 Ratings
Sylvia B

TA MARA AND THE SEEN...what is UP ???

I raided this album after searching HIGH AND LOW for Ta Mara and the Seen. Why? for AFFECTION, one of the most beautiful songs to come out of the 80's. Still happy to have Everybody Dance and coming across all these forgotten (hardly) treasures was a definate perk.
Lets hope we can get AFFECTION on one of these lists or even the whole album.


Affecttion ... Love that song!!

I couldn't believe 'Everybody Dance' was on here ... and I was so looking forward to finding 'Affecttion' as well. I'm so disappointed it's not. Such a great song .. too bad it's not listed ... I could listen to it over and over like I did back in the day.


Get it together, iTunes!!

All right, what's the problem, iTunes?? It's hard to believe some of the hit songs that many people remember from the 1980's ARE NOT listed in your music store. As for the former American R&B group Ta Mara & The Seen, you have the song "Everybody Dance" listed here on this featured album. However, after searching left and right, top to bottom, all over the place from one album compilation to another, this group's other big hit song, "Affection" is nowhere to be found. There are some other songs in your music store I couldn't find as well from other recording artists of the past. I'm sure the other two reviewers feel the same way. The song, "Affection", produced by former Time guitarist Jesse Johnson, was the main song that really stood out in 1985 when it first hit the radio airwaves. I'm sure many other music lovers as well as myself would appreciate it if you could track down an old recording of that song and add it to your store. As popular as this music store is, I'm a little bit disappointed of how some songs (especially VERY POPULAR songs) can hardly be found from years ago. Oh well, just do the best you can at making your subscribers happy. Do me that favor, please?

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