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Beautiful Album


I got a preview of this album in January when I saw Rocco play at Spaceland here in LA. Daniel Lanois (who co-produced the album) jammed out on stage with him, and you could see (and hear) their chemistry. I think everyone could tell something special was in the works. Listening to Rocco's music is like watching a great acting peformance--you feel something because the performer is really feeling something. That's evident from the start of this album with the beautiful title track "Mercy. "I Trust You to Kill Me" is another great take on the same great song from his live session EP. "Nightingale" is very moving. "Save Yourself" (the song from "24") and "Any Man" rock. "When You Learn to Sing" is just sweet, and again, very beautiful. The whole album just has a haunting, rocking vibe to it, and you can tell Lanois has really helped refine and hone in on Rocco's unique and moving style. Plus, that Dobro guitar is just cool. Check it out for yourself and support this talented up-and-coming artist. Although, I probably shouldn't call him that anymore--I think it's safe to say he's arrived.

The Gatherer of Souls

A&R Sher,

The Gatherer of Souls The new album by Rocco Deluca is hard to describe in a mere few words. So of course, I will do it my way. There is no doubt the man CAN sing. His soulfulness comes through on every track. The striking vocals are unheard of in today’s herd of bass pumping famed crazed pop tart sheep. Rocco’s quiet but fervent sighs and breathless tenderness makes you want to close your eyes and escape to a time before excessive traffic and war. To a time when a man and his guitar was enough to captivate the audience. With no smoke and no mirrors Rocco’s silent poised stage presence is truly a gift to music lovers. A boy from Long Beach, California can seduce even the hardest of music fan. His follow up album Mercy is a unique twist on bluesy seduction. With the first album, I Trust You To Kill Me, we saw a more “pop” quality. Mercy shows the vulnerability that most musicians wouldn’t have the balls to express. If you see Rocco live, you see this humble human being with a muted unassuming confidence that just blows you away. I cannot say I am in love with every song on the album because that would be a lie. But I will say I am impressed with the fact that Rocco has never once sold out to rise to fame. Even being signed to one of the most popular actors of our time’s label hasn’t made him egotistical. There are a few great songs on the album but the one that sticks out the most is Open Pages. No one wants to be an open page to someone, an open book, so to speak. We all have inner secrets that make us who we are, so for someone to be able to get inside of all we hold sacred is a big deal. When I hear this song, I close my eyes and I am captivated by the amazing vocals but moreso the words. “ Did I let you down?”. How many times in our lives have we worried about letting someone down? We cherish more opinions than others and always value the insight of some people over others. I hear this and I think of wondering back to past relationships and friendships and thinking if I let enough people into the inner workings of “me”. I think Rocco is expressing regret and sorrow and feeling unworthy of someone’s love and/or approval. When he says I count the rings upon your heart, immediately I think of the rings on a tree and how you can tell how old it is by the rings embedded. Perhaps Rocco is searching for the rings on a heart to see how many times it has been broken. Which is all reality would not be evident unless we had our pages open. Then when we have Nightingale. There is a lot of pain in this song. Knowing Rocco I know exactly what he is speaking of. He gets so emotionally involved in his writing process that he tends to just grab his pen and paper and write and he forgets everything else. He cant remember the faces of people he cares about and the feel of the kiss of the one he loves. Its an amazing testament to the undying love of a musician. It pales in comparison to any romantic love that could possibly present itself. A true artist has only one love and that is his talent. Everything else has to take a backseat and if all is well, in the end… there will be room. I must say my favorite song on this album is Junky Valentine. I, myself, as a writer and as a human being, can relate to this oneall too well. It’s a raw questioning of someone’s intentions. How are your legs.. Do you use the to walk all over me? It’s a more vulnerable side to Deluca. One, even I am not used to. He is basically laying it on the line. He is saying… look I know you are doing these things to me by design. I don’t know why, but I know nonetheless. He is even saying he will supply her with her vices. Her smoke, her pills and her wine. He just wants to know where he stands. Its really a true love story of acceptance in it’s highest form. Even the title screams.. It doesn’t matter what you are, I still love you my junky valentine. Its amazing how this man can express himself in words and with his guitar. There is nothing else like it . When you learn to sing. I wasn’t a big fan of this song at first. I heard it and thought it was cornyand cliche'. But I listened again and I realized… wow. The metaphor of that’s when you learn to sing could be anything. You become hurt about an excruciating event in your life and that’s when you learn to… Sing? Dance? Hate? It’s a major turning point in what you become. I have had friends that have been raped and that’s when they learned to be aware. I have had friends that have had cancer and that’s when they learn to live. It’s a song about a turning point in ones life. Rocco Deluca is an amazing musician and an even more amazing human being. His music touches young and old. But he himself is an old soul. Hence the title of my article…The gatherer of souls. He meets so many people in his travels in life that he combines them all in his music. He often speaks of the “different” people he meets along his journey. I truly believe these are the people that shape his music and ultimately shape him, as a human being. We all go through this life without the capability to enjoy every second of this ride. Well, Rocco is different. He enjoys every minute and writes about it. He devours every delicious and precious moment and turns them into music for the ages. I truly believe that he is here for the long run and the reason I believe that is because I have the privilege of knowing him now and before he wrote this album. Despite some obvious bumps in the road on Mercy I honestly believe he had the best intentions when he wrote every song and each one has the unique quality that is Rocco Deluca… my friend… a great musician and a damned fabulous human being. I am a better person for having known him and I look forward of many more albums to review and many more self awakening moments.. Courtesy of Rocco Deluca and trust me.. Its no burden.

About Rocco DeLuca & The Burden

Before he formed his band the Burden in 2005, singer-songwriter and guitar/Dobro player Rocco Deluca had performed widely as a solo artist (opening for Taj Mahal and John Lee Hooker, among others). Interest from the independent label Ironworks (founded by actor Kiefer Sutherland), prompted Deluca to put together a quartet, and the group recorded their debut, 2006’s I TRUST YOU TO KILL ME, which showcased the band’s bluesy grooves and Deluca’s songwriting and Dobro skills. The recording of the album was captured in a documentary of the same name. Heavy touring and numerous television appearances followed, and the group released its second full-length in 2009 with MERCY.

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