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Sing Jermaine!!!

Darius Dixson

Go bro! Ooooo kill em!

Good Christmas Music….just GOOD music!


Every so often you come across a song that sets the mood for the holidays just right. " Merry Christmas" is one of those songs. I haven't heard a good Christmas song in awhile and this one hits the spot. With a nice melody reminiscent of holiday love is captured in this song. A must add to any holiday collection.

Bakari Mayfield

Say Hello of a New Era

Young Nile Rodgers

Where great artists don’t have to beg record labels for the opportunity to get their music out to the people. J Mobley is a throwback to the Old Beasts. Composer, songwriter, arranger, musician, singer, rapper. He can do it all - WELL!
Love this record. Love this artist!

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