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38 Ratings

Machete Kills Again...


Upon seeing the new Machete film, one longs for the complete soundtrack. With no news about a pending soundtrack available anytime soon - its great to have access to the killer tracks from the film including Cascabel, 1-800-Hitman and the Machete theme. A must for any fan!

Missing song?


This appears to be missing the song bajo sexto

Is That Slash Playing?


Do you ever listen to an album, and think "man, this is worth a lot more than $10". I have memories tied to this record. Back at ETSU, I was rocking this album on a daily basis. The guitars are mind-blowing, and seriously sound "Slash-like". Experience that thick, bluesy tone coupled with sharp acoustic picking, and Latin percussion. At its musical best, it has electricity tinging through each track that inspires one to mosh, or fall in love.

Take ya pick.

On the flip, the ballads get a little monotonous, and come across like a Gilberto Santa Rosa sonnet. "Severina" is the exception. They really put a lot of love into the guitar solos, and the singer is fantastic.

Pick this up. I don't care for his movies. Rodriguez should be a music producer, not a director!

Key tracks: "Malagueña Salerosa" - "Severina" - "Se Me Paro" - "Alacran y Pistolero"

About Chingon

C*****n is the musical collective created by film director and composer Robert Rodriguez as he sought to cinematically fuse the imagery of Mexican culture and its music with the evocative sounds and visions of the iconic Italian spaghetti westerns. Using electric mariachi sounds, surf music, and stripped-down, gritty garage rock, he created a band to score his films.

Rodriguez assembled an all-star musical cast for C*****n, which includes drummer Rafael Gayol (Charlie Sexton Sextet, Bob Schneider) and guitarists Rick and Mark Del Castillo from the Austin band Del Castillo. Occasional members and featured guests in the unit include Tito Larriva (Plugz, Cruzados, Tito & the Tarantulas), Brian Ramos of the electro-cumbia act Master Blaster Sound System, vocalist Patricia Vonne, and even actress/vocalist Salma Hayek. Rodriguez composes and arranges the material, sings, and co-produces with Carl Thiel.

C*****n's debut release was the digital-only Mexican Spaghetti Western in 2010. The band also provided music for the soundtracks for Rodriguez's films, 2011's Machete and 2013's Machete Kills. In 2013, Mexican Spaghetti Western was re-released digitally and included four bonus tracks from Machete. It marked the beginning of a new chapter in Rodriguez's D.I.Y. aesthetic that eschewed the traditional record label system. It was the inaugural release from his Rocket Racing Rebels Publishing LP Company, the exclusive home of future C*****n releases and his film soundtracks.

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