11 Songs, 48 Minutes


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5.0 out of 5
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8 Ratings
JLSchantz ,

A Mighty Inspirational CD

I encourage everyone looking to enjoy a positive inspirational offering with a modern sound, give Chris's newest release a solid listen.
As always Chris's voice is crystal clear bringing each song to life - a significant vocal talent.
The pop-techno vibe is felt throughout each track with a great mix of up tempo and balled contributions.
You will find yourself encouraged, humbled and fully engaged in active Worship.
Personally I was immediately drawn to the funky - "Here" - as good as any song on the radio Today. "Fill this place" keeps the tempo high and sets the stage for an awesome Worship experience. "Backwards" reminds us of the powerful life changing promises.
This is a sincere, heartfelt, emotion filled listening experience - watch out, your going to want to crank this up to feel as well as listen!

gotworship ,

SO many emotional roads...none of them cliche

One of the things that I have always loved about Chris Sligh...is that he doesnt use molds...he uses creativity. This album is every bit as flowing with creativity as the title suggests our Saviors love deep for us. THe songs are dynamic - the lyrics are DEEP. The album is BEYOND welll produced. Sligh proves that he is a well-rounded artist with this album...and an artist that NEEDS to be putting out more projects to feed an itch that isnt being scratched by the confomring genre's world.

ouibjamn ,

Worshipful, Inspirational, Creative

Chris outdid himself on this one. Worshipful and inspirational as always and masterfully engineered. But what makes this CD stand out is the creative outside-the-box elements that bring the songs to life without being over the top.

About Chris Sligh

Chris Sligh received his big break during the sixth season of American Idol, where his self-deprecating humor and tenor vocals earned him a tenth-place finish. He parlayed that success into a CCM career, first with the band Half Past Forever (which Sligh had formed prior to the American Idol season) and later as a solo act. Born into a Baptist household in 1978, Charles Christopher Sligh developed his faith and singing ability at a young age. His parents were missionaries whose work required the family to move frequently, and the young Sligh spent time in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Germany while taking musical influence from his guitar-playing father. He later relocated to South Carolina to attend the fundamentalist Bob Jones University, where he was expelled after seven semesters for violating the school's "music rules" (Sligh had attended a performance by the seminal Christian band 4Him). He clung to his faith during his time on American Idol, though, even singing a dc Talk song during the show's Top 16 week.

Sligh was ousted from the competition in March 2007, but his tenth-place ranking still guaranteed him a spot on The American Idol Summer Tour. Before the tour commenced, however, Sligh rejoined his bandmates in Half Past Forever and negotiated a contract with Brash Music, a Christian-friendly label based in Atlanta. The band released Take a Chance on Something Beautiful in July, and Sligh signed a solo deal with Brash Music later that year. Several producers were brought in to work on Sligh's solo debut, including former Jars of Clay producer Stephen Leiweke and the Grammy-winning Brown Bannister, but Sligh wrote the bulk of the songs himself. "Empty Me" found its way onto Christian radio playlists early the following year, and the full-length Running Back to You introduced Chris Sligh's interpretation of Christian pop/rock in May 2008. He also earned some notice as a songwriter for other artists, most notably Rascal Flatts, who sent his song "Here Comes Goodbye" to number one in April 2009. He signed with Word for his next album, 2010's The Anatomy of Broken. ~ Andrew Leahey

Madison, TN