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wow ... great album....her billie holiday's voice makes every single song one better than the other

About Ingrid Lucia

b. 1971, USA. Raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Austin, Texas, and various places where her itinerant parents paused in their wanderings, Lucia was filled from childhood with an interest in music and the arts. Her parents, musician David Pearlman and artist Betsy Terrell, formed a family band in the 80s, and Lucia joined them at the age of 11 as drummer, dancer and singer. The band was named the Flying Neutrinos and they played on the streets surviving hardships and setbacks but forming a self-contained, mutually supportive and warm environment. When her parents decided to leave the band in the early 90s, Lucia took over as leader. Alongside her from childhood and a long-standing member of the band is her cousin Todd Landigan. A striking vocal sound brought this fine young singer much approval when the Flying Neutrinos rose to prominence alongside the wave of retro-swing although in their case, their punchy rhythmic drive had a lot more to do with the jump blues bands of that bygone era and they are much less noticeably post-rock. Sparkling vocals from Lucia added immeasurably to the quintet’s appeal. The other regular members have included Matt Munisteri (guitar), Jim Greene (bass), Dan Levinson (saxophone), and David Berger (drums). As a child Lucia heard music by swing era and other bygone jazz artists, including Jimmy Dorsey and Billie Holiday. Indeed, Lucia’s sound, although contemporary, bears interesting references to Holiday that is in no way forced or mannered. Her phrasing brings to latter-day material a classic jazz ambience that is very appealing and her talent and enthusiasm set her and her band apart and ahead of their retro contemporaries.

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