4 Songs, 14 Minutes


Includes a gorgeous version of “Miss You” on piano.


Includes a gorgeous version of “Miss You” on piano.


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4.9 out of 5

18 Ratings

18 Ratings

Transformation. Lovely.


Excited to see her experimenting and growing with each music release. Keep it up! Getting lost in your music✨

It's Gabby!! Just get it!!!! Trust me!!


Ummm....hmm....what to say?! I'll haha try to keep it short! ;) I was like *sigh* :( it's been 2 weeks & there's no reviews AND there's not even any stars! Than I saw I review (shocked but not that is was wonderful) & 5 stars (not shocked) BUT still!!
But hey I'm not shocked (or disappointed) :( anymore ;) That's what you get; when YOU DO NOT want to famous at all! That's fine haha I don't want you to 'famous' like TSwift or Ed BUT I do wish you would at least try, to being popular (for not just me or really everyone else you has known you for fooorever); but like Birdy or Ben Howard 'famous!'
You went all over the U.K. & Australia (& probably a few other places) for the (I think it's safe to say), ONE OF THE BEST albums EVER: 'English Rain!'
Such a great album & haha I'm most likely the reason she FINALLY released it to the U.S., and we just not to have her EP w/ 6 songs! It's so acoustic, raw, stripped, etc. BUT.....
Than you have 'LUTD' which was definitely more production but after a few listens you know, it's the amazing Gabby we all know!! I saw some comment say haha, "Country Queen to Pop Princess," haha maybe, ok; I can see it! :)
But now "Miss Me' & a few other songs!! And haha we only have to wait like a month!! Unlike your friend Lewis Watson, that's going make people wait haha for his new album until March!! Haha.
BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT! I don't, I really don't, I don't want new music!! I WANT A TOUR!!!! You did a few promos now & then for 'LUTD,' which was when?, Aug of last yr released, if I remember haha ;) But than what??!?! A 20ish date, 1 1/2 month, Jan-Feb tour plus 20 dates the rest of the yr plus a trip to a Brazil (because you wanted too haha let's be honest tho, who wouldn't)?!!
BUT THAT WAS IT THOUGH! Nothing else! :(
I like 'Miss Me,' def after a few listens!! I really do!! Great job!! Again! Shocked? Nope! Haha. And just saw a day or two, a million listens on Spotify!! CONGRATULATIONS!! See people like & will like/listen too you if you put yourself out there! (But I know you won't. :( For whatever or so reason.)
Your too good not to be given a chance to release 🎶, tour everywhere and etc! But :(
So, I wrote a nice review for someone named: 'Mahalia' Why do I bring her up? You've done these, oh jeesh 10 or so yrs now probably, it's got to be! And it's been what? At least 7 yrs or close too that, I've know you!! Even when, yes your the one, the top artist I forget about, yes; I FORGET about the most!! You release great 🎶!! People want to hear it live!! But most likely you go back (& will go back) into hiding haha sorry but idk what else to call it!! :( But Mahalia is 100% unknown; but don't look back now because she's going to pass you in followers & etc everything else!! (She just haha passed the 10k mark, your @ 400k)! You got a bump, probably close to a 100k bump when you went down to Brazil, 'Home' was #1 & everything fun else you did/happened!!
Well the bottom line is:
Well the Gabs is back!!
If you know Gabby, come on, how can't you dislike anything she makes? The lyrics, melody's, etc., ALL of the above!!
And if you have never heard of Gabrielle; OMG!! Well...haha! Where have you've been?! You've been missing out & been missing on her true great talent for .....years!!



such a lovely voice bby these songs are incredible so proud :-))

About Gabrielle Aplin

English singer/songwriter Gabrielle Aplin shot to fame in the U.K. toward the end of 2012, when her haunting rendition of Frankie Goes to Hollywood's hit "The Power of Love" was used in the Christmas advertising campaign for retailer John Lewis. Aplin was raised in the small village of Sutton Benger, Wiltshire, where she learned to play guitar at the age of 11, before also taking up the piano. Her musical development was documented on her YouTube channel, which includes a collection of diverse cover versions of artists such as Bon Iver, Bob Dylan, and Katy Perry. Her digital videos amassed a huge following and she soon began to write her own original material. This led to her first self-released EPs, Acoustic EP (2010), Never Fade (2011), and Home (2012), which illustrated her penchant for honest, heartfelt songwriting, and uncovered her own folk sound. After Never Fade was released in 2011, Aplin was invited to BBC's Maida Vale studios to perform on the BBC Introducing… sessions as her star continued to rise. Following more internet exposure, alongside airtime on BBC's Radio 1 and a headline tour, Aplin signed to Parlophone and began working on material for her debut full-length. During this period her popular cover version of Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "The Power of Love" made it to number one in the U.K. charts. In 2013, Aplin released her debut full-length album English Rain, which featured a body of new work, alongside the title track from her early EP Home. The album was a success, reaching number two in the U.K. and, to coincide with the 2014 U.S. release of her English Rain EP, she went on her first North American tour. Aplin's follow-up LP, Light Up the Dark, arrived in September 2015. In 2016 Aplin became a sensation in Brazil when her song "Home" appeared in the popular soap opera Totalmente Demais -- she even made a cameo in the final episode of the season. That same year saw the release of a new EP, Miss You. ~ Scott Kerr




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