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96 Ratings
Chris Hradil ,

Genesis Remasters

After reading all of the reviews, I wanted to clear up a few points about the re-masters/sound, etc. Last year, I purchased the boxed sets of re-issue/re-masters (which come along with dvd's containing full dolby surround mixes, interviews and any music video's or concert footage available for each album). Duke has always been one of my favorite albums, and Genesis, a favorite band. The original cassette tape, and cd issue of the album were a bit weak in the sound department though, the best sound was always from the vinyl source.

Genesis did some re-master/re-issues in 1997, and 2001 (they were mostly of the clean up the hiss type though), most of that run didn't really come alive the way the current batch of re-mixes do. This is the best sounding Duke I've ever heard or owned, you'll hear things you never knew were there.

That's kind of the point of re-mastering, rather than 'copy' the original vinyl source to a CD (the way most original release CD's were done), a re-master (defined as: creating a new master recording to reproduce a release directly from the original multi-tracked (or two channel) sources) should sound quite a bit different (not only cleaner, but with more richness, a whole or full sound, where in many cases you'll hear things you never heard before), from the original CD release, and quite a departure from the original vinyl/cassettes released.

I've been doing a lot of hunting for sacd's and remasters for many of my favorites, things can sound pretty thin through good gear, whether mp3 or CD, quality gear will reveal all of the flaws in the original releases.

A note on gear as well, it is super important, especially when it comes to mp3 sound. Your system is going to make an enourmous difference, not so much the iPod, but the dock or interconnects, speakers and apm/receiver. CDs and the derrived mp3's are sounding so much better than ever, your gear is more important than ever, things can sound very different from system to system. I would suggest listening to any headphones and especially speakers before purchase, use a couple of favorite very familiar songs/mp3s to compare them.

You'll end up super happy if you take some extra time in choosing your equipment and going the extra mile to stretch a bit to get the very best speakers (and matched amp/pre or receiver) or headphones you can possibly afford.

I do a huge amount of listening to mp3's instead of CDs through my home/office system which consists of vandersteen quatro (home theater)/2Ce Signature (home office/listening/computer room) speakers, Quicksilver Audio mono-block tube amps, Audible Illusions M3b tube Pre-amp, Audio Research Reference CD7 (for many CD's, as well as mp3 rips), Marantz SACD-8001 for sacd's and anything that sounds thin from the Ref CD7. I use Grado RS1 headphones (sometimes with EarMax Pro Tube Headphone amp) at home or in the office, and Shure in-ear phones on the road. Oh, and an 80GB Ipod classic, with Kimber Cable GQ-mini HB (silver streak) interconnect to the Pre-amp. If you've never heard of most of that try doing some googling, each piece would get my highest rating, especially the Kimber cable for unbeliveable sound from the Ipod.

I'm also happy to report that (first I'll admit, i'm a bit lazy, so i end up grabbing albums from iTunes after owning the CDs) the iTunes mp3s through the right gear sound as good as any original lossless CD ever sounded (genesis or not), for Duke, and the rest of the genesis re-masters included, it's hard to note a difference between the CD versions and the mp3s. -- Hat tip to both iTunes and genesis for that.

SGJR1960 ,

My Survival Kit

Trapped in the wilds of Jamestown, NY, circa 1986, abandoned by the person I'd been living with at the time and barely making ends meet working two jobs, I had one thing to keep me company: a cheap-a**, two-speed Radio Shack turntable, and any albums I could scratch up the extra cash to buy, the first of which was DUKE. In spite of how trite most of my former friends had thought "Misunderstanding" was, it hooked me and plus I could listen to Phil sing all day long. Little did I know that even though I bought the record for that song and "Turn It On Again," I would learn every note and every lyric and commend it to memory over the following year. What Linus's blanket was to him, DUKE was to me.

I'm not sure I'm wild about the remastering job, but I will buy this just for the bonus video!

DavidQ ,

Duke is Genesis

Simply stated: Duke is the most significant Genesis album produced to date! The remastered version is a must-have for new and old Genesis fans alike. The 2007 interview provides powerful insights into the development of Duke and is well worth the purchase price in-and-of-itself let alone as a throw in to the album purchase.

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