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4.7 out of 5
42 Ratings

42 Ratings

BTBAM owns ,

They've got a lot of potential

Scale the Summit is a group of amazing musicians. They're also awesomely nice guys, too. I had a conversation with they're guitarist on myspace and he's the chillest guy ever. I hope to see what else these guys come up with in the future, because this CD flaunts HUGE potential for GREATNESS. All four members are very good at what they do. The guitar parts are nicely written and the drumming is pretty good for the "technical metal" genre. They do have a bit of a tendency to get muddled up in the "progressive metal" genre, involuntarily changing riffs, keys, time signatures and melodies in ways that could be more smoothed out. They're not Between the Buried and Me quite yet. The production quality on this CD is EXTREMELY annoying. The mixing is not crisp at all and has no clarity. This, unfortunately makes it pretty hard to listen to this album without getting a headache, but the music IS good, just not completely developed. I hope that through opening for Between the Buried and Me and now being on iTunes, these guys can get their name out and start something, because this stuff is very promising. They just need to find they're sound, and then there'll be no stopping them (oh, and get a different producer). My hat's off to 'em though. I sure couldn't make this.

RIP Blackthroat ,


I have heard alot of progressive metal bands, however i was not moved by this album at all. I know right now i'm going to get terrible ratings on this review, but its the truth. Every song sort of sounded the same, it was like listening to ac/dc. Now, i am going to say that they are talented individuals, but it just seems like they will not go outside their tempo (about 150bpm), phrasing(alot of the riffs sound similar), or overall variation. Its almost like its lounge music. So this is why people progress, like Dysrhythmia, or Behold...the Arctopus, or even An Endless Sporadic. As great of musicians as they are, it would be good if they showed off their skills with that with the next one.

Scandinavian Rocker ,


i'm so glad i randomly found these guys on myspace. They have great melodies in their writing and Pat Skeffington, the drummer, is amazing. he has great style, great fills, and really mixes well with the band. they're currently writing a second album, so let's hope it's as balla as this one.

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