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NOT! The Original Version!

Magic Man

My response to More, More, More would be No, No, No! For as my heading already explains this isn't the original radio version of this 70's one hit wonder classic. At first I was overjoyed that I found it on iTunes at long last, but it was not to be. Well my $1.00 loss is your gain because here I am warning you in advance what the deal is. Just doing my part to help fellow music lovers. Peace.



What you have here is the original demo that was never released to the public - or i suppose never meant to be, until now. You see, there is a whole story of how this album came to be produced. Andrea was a singer/songwriter who was a bit of a political activists back in the '70s. She was in the bahamas somewhere and got into trouble with the government who froze all of her assets. A lot of her money had been tied up into working on this album with other producers -- so as the story goes, Andrea went into the studio one night and laid down the tracks for More, More, More and the subsequent tracks heard on this version all in one night. Thus, the demo tracks. Which she took with her on a plane back to the states that next morning. The studio process was still a mystery to most people back then so customs never would have thought that the studio tapes she declared were anything more than what they appeared to be -- recordings. When actually, they were money in the bank. She finished producing the album (the tracks you heard in clubs and on radion) back in New York City with the same producers. And the rest, as they say, is history. I hear that she is still alive and well today, and living somewhere in southern Florida.

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