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NOT! The Original Version!

Magic Man,

My response to More, More, More would be No, No, No! For as my heading already explains this isn't the original radio version of this 70's one hit wonder classic. At first I was overjoyed that I found it on iTunes at long last, but it was not to be. Well my $1.00 loss is your gain because here I am warning you in advance what the deal is. Just doing my part to help fellow music lovers. Peace.

Itunes specializes in unoriginals

BigCar Lover,

What is the problem here, is it to much to ask for the original recording? "More, More, More" is just another example of a music service that needs to do "Less, Less, Less" of later versions of re-recordings, when all we want are the originals! Is there another music servce out there thats better than Itunes. Because if there Is, I'm gone...and it's "Bye, Bye, Bye".

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