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22 Ratings



This record was released in 1981 and features the hit single "More Than Just the Two of Us." Sneaker was a fantastic band, following in the footsteps of Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers. This album was their debut and followed up by the equally excellent "Loose in the World" the following year. Both records were produced by Jeff "Skunk" Baxter of Steely Dan/Doobie Brothers fame. Features great lead vocals by Michael Carey Schneider and Mitch Crane, along with Crane doing excellent guitar work along with Baxter and Tim Torrance. If you dig the West Coast sound of that era, get this record! TWO THUMBS WAY UP!!

Fans of Toto, Steely Dan, Todd Rundgen, The Beach Boys, and The Doobie Brothers check this out ..


Sneaker were the ultimate California 70s band. The musicianship of Toto combined with the lush harmonies of The Beach Boys and The Asssociation to create a sound no other band had or has since (aside from maybe Jellyfish). This is the record that has "More than Just the Two of us" which should be familiar to most. The band has way more to it than just pretty songs. They had 2 blazing guitarists(one who sounded like Larry Carlton, one who sounded like Steve Lukather or Carlos Rios). Drums and bass were amazingly tight and the keyboard team painted amazing sonic pictures. Both this album and "Loose in the world" are way stronger song for song than their contemperaries. So pick them up, close your eyes, and go on a trip to California in the early 80s.

Absolute Perfection!!


I remember when I first heard, "More Than Just The Two of Us". I was hooked! I loved the song and then went out and bought the cassette. I played it so much, I eventually wore it out!

My favorite songs from this album were, of course, the song I mentioned, and then, "Jaymes", "In Time", "Looking For Someone Like You", and "No More Lonely Days"...just to name a few. They're all winners here. Every song is written, arranged, and performed well!

When I think of all of the albums that I've purchased in my lifetime, this one is definitely in my Top 10!!! The songs were so special to me at that particular time in my life, and I am so glad to see this album finally available on iTunes!! It's about time!!

About Sneaker

The band Sneaker was formed in Los Angeles in 1973 and would probably not be remembered at all aside from their status as one-hit wonders and their association with Doobie Brother/Steely Dan guitarist Jeff "Skunk" Baxter. Featuring dual lead vocalists Mitch Crane and Michael Carey Schneider, guitarist Tim Torrance, keyboardist Jim King, bass player Michael Cottage, and drummer Mike Hughes, they were signed to Handshake Records, releasing a self-titled collection of soft pop in 1981. In addition to Baxter's involvement, David Foster and noted session player Paulinho da Costa also contributed. Their one shot at glory came in the form of the airy ballad "More Than Just the Two of Us," which reached number 34 on the charts in early 1982. As a follow-up, Sneaker released a version of a Walter Becker/Donald Fagen composition "Don't Let Me In" and, once it fell off the charts after a mere five weeks, the band would not chart again. The group released another album, Loose in the World, during 1982, but for Sneaker, the proverbial 15 minutes of fame had expired. ~ Tom Demalon



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