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Where has this guy been hiding?


This is some of the most creative songwriting I've ever heard -- and DAMN can he play those keys! The lyrics are simultaneously witty and wise, his voice is unusually textured. I challenge you to find a song you don't like. The guy is really putting himself out there by titling the album "Something New" -- but he delivers the goods. Especially with "New Year" and "Sink" -- it's just a new sound, somewhere between Ben Folds, Stan Getz, Randy Newman, and Joni Mitchell -- but you don't get the feeling that you're between styles...this is very much it's own sexy beast. He has created something new, and I think he should rename his band accordingly. Rather than just "Avi Wisnia," it should be, "Wit Pop and the Krazy Kazoos."

You are missing out


if you're not listening to [AW] it's a breath of fresh air listening to his music...

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