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Customer Reviews

One of my favorite New Age albums.


I first encountered this album almost 20 years ago. It was playing in a New Age bookstore that I happened to be visiting, and I loved the music so much that I had to buy it. I had that tape for a very long time, and would often play it while taking a cat-nap during my lunch breaks. (Interestingly, it was during one of those times that I had my first and only out of body experience.) Unfortunately, the tape eventually gave up the ghost and by the time I got around to looking for it on CD it had long since gone out of publication. How wonderful to suddenly find it newly released on iTunes! The music in this album is truly beautiful, and rich with Anugama's delightful style of mixing nature sounds with pipes. Some of the songs are upbeat (without being distracting), while others are the epitome of peace. All are quite restful for the mind, and a perfect tonic for today's stressed-out world. If you're new to Anugama's unique style, this album is an excellent place to start. If you're already a fan, it won't disappoint. I can't recommend it enough.

2 different sound types


That is okay in most cases, but I consider this meditation type music. About half is. Other is too upbeat, fast paced. So I deleted them. Listen to each song track before purchasing entire album

About Anugama

By bringing together the exotic instrumentation of world music with a new age-style sense of self-exploration and a broad palette of ambient electronic sounds, producer/multi-instrumentalist Anugama garnered enough of a small cult following to sustain a prolific, long-winded career. Though born in Cologne, Germany, where he first developed his exceptional interest in music, Anugama's curiosity took him to far and distant lands. He spent his teens in Hamburg, where he played drums and worked in a music store, before traveling to Asia in his twenties for a life-changing five-year period. While in Asia, he developed a strong interest in spiritual philosophies and meditation. These interests soon crept into Anugama's music, which had expanded to comprise his multi-cultural interests: the beats of African and Caribbean music, the rhythms of Hawaii, the meditations of India, and so on. Anugama began releasing one album after another throughout the '80s that explored his many interests, with him playing all the instruments. Throughout the '90s, he didn't slow down his output, remaining as prolific as before, astounding his cult following with his limitless well of creativity. ~ Jason Birchmeier

    Cologne, Germany

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