6 Songs, 23 Minutes


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5.0 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

jronz ,

Great band Great album

This band has matured through the years into nothing short of amazing and deserves any fame and praise that comes their way. These 6 songs are a must buy and you will not stop listening. Every song is honest, powerful, catchy, and overall just well written & produced. Don't hesitate to spend the $5.94 on this one!

sliceofken ,

"Morning" is Another Monster Hit Out of the Park!

This album is excellent and this band is fantastic! Time and time again, their albums have shown a postive evolution, not just in instrumental ability but also vocal ability, resonance and overall understanding of the music industry. Why they remain unsigned is beyond me. The group is determined and down-to-Earth. I've met them and they would just as soon buy you a beer as they would sing you a song. Keep up the great work Keeping!

colts rock take that patriots ,

this is inspirational

well see im 40 years old and live with my mother and we like to rock out in the car together and play some great music. I mean we pretty much listen to the usual stuff like sugarcult and maybe some red jump suit apparatus if were feeling a little edgy. so this week i got my allowance from mother and see i not only hav enough to renew my world of warcraft account but to buy myself an album on itunes. so i was listening in the car with my cats this time round and i thought boy this is great. i took it back to mother and listened to it for hours without end while eating some scrumdidliumptious pb and j. i listened to it for so long i nearly forgot i was missing the next episode of glee!!!!!! so i slipped on my foot pjs and got cozy and put on my walkman and watched another outstanding episode of fox's hit show. Well in a nutshell this album is awesome and i recommend any orc loving, nose picking, blanky hugging companion to buy it.

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