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Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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3.8 out of 5
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56 Ratings
Maek228 ,

Immense dissapointment

As a huge fan of YYYs, I got this the day it came out. I can not stress enough what a poor album this is.

Don't be fooled by critic reviews. YYYs are darlings of the critics and they are a band that you just want to love. Critics are giving them a pass. This album is a dud through and through.

I was not impressed by "It's Bltiz", but at least that album had it's gems (Skeleton, Runaway, Hysteric). Mosquito on the other hand has nothing. Some of the songs are tolerable but they do not stand out. They'd hardly be worthy of being B-sides.

In addition to lackluster songs that completely neglect the bands strong points (Zinner on guitar, Chase on drums), the band also had decided to put out material that is just flat out embarrassing, which is shocking considering that this band at one point felt so cutting edge. Songs like "Mosquito" and "Area 52" are complete and utter cringe-fests. Hearing the YYYs aimlessly plod on about mosquitos and aliens, and doing so in a pathetic lifeless manner, is a head-scratcher. How could this be the band that made "Fever to Tell"?

Desperate bands do desperate things. At the height of Weezer's creative bankruptcy, they decided to put Lil Wayne on one of their songs. It felt terribly out of place. Same with the YYYs....why is Dr. Octagon on a track? The song itself is boring, but Dr. Octagon doesn't help. You'd think they'd at least have him write a good rap for it, but instead, it is pure dull vanilla.

My theory is that Karen O must have total creative control of this band. I can not believe that the YYYs have now gone two albums with Zinner and Chase playing bit roles.

This band is out of gas and I'll be shocked if they make another album.

butler-hayate ,


Not good, I don't mind trying new stuff I but do mind if most of it is awful. Throw out half of the songs and you have a decent EP.

TrembleClef ,


they're back!

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