10 Songs, 40 Minutes


About Ten Shekel Shirt

The rock band Ten Shekel Shirt was originally formed by Lamont Hiebert, Tommy Lee, and Austin Morrison, drawing their unusual name from a Paris Reidhead sermon. (Entitled Ten Shekels and a Shirt, the message encouraged people not to seek God for what He can do for them.) Ten Shekel Shirt signed with Vertical Music, and released their debut album, Much, in 2001. Risk, produced by Brent Milligan, followed in 2003 on M2.0 Records. The band then signed with Rounder Records, which issued Jubilee in 2008. By then down to just Hiebert, Ten Shekel Shirt later re-released the album on Hiebert's own label, Art and Action Media. ~ Ashleigh Kittle

New Haven, CT



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