9 Songs, 19 Minutes


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scottssister1 ,

Oh The Memories!

My grandmother just passed away and in my brother and I recollecting the past, we fondly recall her playing this album in her den for us on her huge console record player. I can still see myself dancing to "Rabbits Times Rabbits," "Gazinta" and "The Latin Eskimo." I took this record to school in 3rd grade and I remember how much my teacher enjoyed playing it for the class. I am 32 now and I still catch myself humming these tunes. I was shocked and overjoyed to find this album on itunes. You can bet that I will be playing some of these songs at her memorial. Thank you grandma for being so awesome and to Disney for creating great memories for me!!

choppinbrocholi ,

Awesome learning tool!

This CD (album) saved me in 3rd grade and I just "gifted" it to my niece! She is singing, dancing and learning all the songs and all her multiplication tables! Fun!

Ricky113098 ,


This album is so precious and amazing.

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