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4.9 out of 5
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17 Ratings
bustinloose ,

Mature, Layered Album

It’s so great to have mae writing brilliant music again. This self-titled album seems to be somewhat of a rebirth for the band known for its piano driven rock. The album, while different from anything the band has done in previous records, seems to be the perfect step in the band’s progression. There is very little not to like on this album.

My personal favorite keeps changing with every listen, but I love the opening strings and lush orchestral sounds of “Kaleidoscope.” On the upcoming experiential album, the band says that “Sing” will open the album. “Sing” is the perfect opener and one of my favorites. A perfect singalong for concerts. The next track, “The Overview,” is the most unique on the album as it has lead singer Dave Elkins executing free verse and the result is very different. It has a great hook and has quickly grown on me. “5 Light Years” is the most radio-friendly track. It has heavy hitting drums and fantastic guitar riffs. This, while closest to the band’s Singularity, is deeper in both lyrics and sound. Up next is my current favorite, “No Promises,” which jumpstarts the best half of this brilliant album. The song seems to be about human emotion and connection and the lack thereof in our digital world. Love isn’t as much emotion as it is action. “At best, we’re binary code with a touch of emotion.” It has clear shades of Radiohead’s influence, especially in the hook. “You Fall When You Hesitate” is my second favorite and is perhaps the best from a songwriting perspective. Another listener pointed out that it has shades of Pink Floyd. I can definitely hear that in the lead up and into to the chorus. The band released “Our Love is a Painted Picture” more than a year ago and I’m so glad they included it on this album. While some may say it doesn’t fit the sound of the rest of the album, it is one of the most gorgeous songs the band has written. It also fits thematically with the album. The way the song builds and builds is perhaps the closest to the EPs the band released several years ago. Next up is “A Race for our Autonomy,” another favorite for its incredibly honest lyrics. The outro of this song is absolutely incredible. “Let it Die” is the perfect song to follow. It is all about reconciling a broken relationship. “I want to see you again in time with brand new eyes. Oh, I need you to see me. Invite the light and darkness dies.” Perhaps the catchiest track is “Simple Words,” which outlines better times in a struggling relationship. “Flow” closes this version of the album and features the incredible violins of Tim Fain.

While not as linear as The Everglow in its storytelling, it is the finest both lyrically and musically, and I can’t wait for what comes next.

Skiber ,

Slightly different sound, but still out beloved Mae

An artistically beautiful album. It has a great mix of different songs, but still feels like the Mae we know from their other albums. 5 ⭐️

Susette M. ,


The new stuff sounds awesome. I'm glad they're back together and they sound melodically pristine as always.

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