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8 Ratings


Does my name matter to you?!

I LOVE this call, it cracks me up every time I hear it! I'm so happy that it's finally on iTunes so I can listen to it on my iPod! It's worth the 99 cents, I listen to it whenever I need a good laugh.

LOL "Were you his gay lover?" XD

good laugh


I love all of Tom's telemarketing calls but this one is hands down the best! Anytime you need a good laugh to get you through rush hour traffic, play this.

About Tom Mabe

Prank caller Tom Mabe was working in his Louisville, KY office when he began his personal crusade against telemarketers, fabricating elaborate stories to exasperate the phone solicitors to the point where they hung up on him. In time he began recording the calls on his answering machine and playing the tapes for friends; soon Mabe started appearing on radio morning shows as well, ultimately financing a CD collection of his best pranks titled Revenge on the Telemarketers. After a copy of the disc made its way to the offices of Virgin Records Nashville, the label signed Mabe and issued Revenge on the Telemarketers, Round One in early 2000, which featured several bits from Mabe's first CD and plenty of new material. A second volume followed before year's end. ~ Jason Ankeny



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