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5.0 out of 5
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22 Ratings
Jacob Ford ,

Easy to use.

It's nice to finally see an album that doesn't make any lofty claims of “love” and “emotion” in its songs. No, this bad boy is very straightforward about what you're getting.

Take, for example, the first track. Before you even press play, the song has already both introduced itself and described exactly what you're about to hear. No more, no less. You just don't see that in track titles these days.

Overall, this album seems to be some strange and wonderful collection of organized sound. Bass hits and guitars get along like the sonic equivalent of best friends since homeschool kindergarten. Synths kindly ask for the show, but are careful not to steal it. The lyrics are just absolutely gut-wrenching. And don't get me started on the time signatures, because I think I'm in love and I might blush all over the place.

For those who are new to the musics, this album is a great place to start. But even for those of us accustomed to acoustics and accidentals and a cappellas, this album does some amazing things.

Buy it immediately.

Andrew WandrVelle ,

Music by Windsor Airlift

Windsor Airlift has gone through many phases, ranging from straightforward Math Rock to minimalistic Ambience. As of recently, with albums like Flight and The Meadow, Windsor Airlift has created a sound that can set the scene for a consistent session of feel-good music-listening. The previous album, The Meadow, was a wonderland of ambience that you could almost melt into with its calming instrumental sound.

Music on the other hand, is something quite different than any other record the band has released. Not settling for any single genre, Windsor Airlift has pushed well passed their musical limits, and created something that draws from a large scale of sounds. The result is a roller coaster ride that takes the listener up and down a flight of emotions. The highs are hard hitting and adrenaline rushing, and the lows are soothing and breath taking. Their most experimental record to date, Windsor Airlift has broken new ground with Music, and has managed to create an experience which is phenomenal to say the least.

I give Windsor Airlift's Music a 5 out of 5 Stars, being the bands best work so far, even given their long running discography.

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Carh728 ,

Another gem from the Windsor guys!

WA has done it again with the new album, catching both boldness, sweetness, and humor (think about the title) at the right angle. I can't come up with any song I particularly dislike, other than some of the short tracks that feel like they could be extended a bit. If you're short cash, I recommend Grateful Goodbyes (a masterpiece!) and Exploring a Shipwreck.
Or just buy the whole thing!

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