"The Musicality of Rodgers and Hammerstein" by Various Artists on iTunes

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heyyy! im finally 1st 2 write a review! this CD has lots of really gr8 songs. they're totally classic musicals, & they're fun 2 sing along to. my faves r the "Waltz for a ball" (fun 2 dance 2) & "the sound of music" (but the julie andrews version is better). "bali h'ai" and "oh what a beautiful mornin" are cool 2. luv ya!



This is a odd album. I mean, I has good songs on it, but there are better R&H songs than these. For example, The "waltz from a ball" rom cinderella is not the best song from that show! They could've picked "Impossible" or "10 minutes ago." Click YES if you agree.

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