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About Diane Coffee

Foxygen drummer Shaun Fleming, a former child voice-over actor for Disney films, began the solo project Diane Coffee in late 2012 after moving from his hometown of Agoura Hills, California to New York City. Within days of his move, Fleming was struck with a vicious flu virus that kept him quarantined in his tiny new apartment for several weeks. With the downtime and boredom of being dramatically ill in a new environment afforded him, Fleming wrote and recorded what would become the first Diane Coffee album, My Friend Fish, drawing on the same enormous canon of '60s folk-pop, doo wop, and bubblegum influences that inspired Foxygen and other like-minded contemporaries. The album saw release in late 2013 and touring followed. Fleming next moved to Bloomington, Indiana and began working on a second album. Recorded in a real studio with a large number of collaborators, 2015's Everybody's a Good Dog, took the sound of the first album and expanded into a technicolor explosion of sound and swagger. He returned in 2017 with Peel a 7" with songs inspired by urban legends from Fleming's childhood. ~ Fred Thomas

Manhattan, NY
December, 2012



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