9 Songs, 37 Minutes


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5 Ratings
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Concise and Lovely

The songwriting on this album is top-notch! The production is warm and classic sounding, at times, even retro. The instrumentation is simple, but effective, leaving the focus squarely on the vocal. The shining star of this album is the lyrics. I can't pick a favorite, but If "Bijou" doesn't make you stir deep inside your soul, check your pulse!



A friend of mine recently told me that they saw this band perform in Kentucky and recommended them to me. I listened to the track Golden Age and was fairly impressed. But after taking the chance and buying this album I couldn't be more thankful my friend told me about Valaska.

Notables on most of the songs:

1) On the Surface - I believe this sets the tone for the album in a lyrical sense. The lyrics have a way of describing complex but everyday scenarios/feelings/emotions in a visual and naturalistic manner. The choppy-finger plucking on guitar is also quite catchy.

3) Hammer and the Nails - Touches down on the notion of love and relationships in a way that can relate to anyone. The finger-plucking pattern in this song is awesome as well.

5) War and Peace - Great lyrical piece of work that brings an old school feeling into a new sound.

6) Wildfire - This is definitely one of those songs on an album that are over-looked at first. The piano and guitar approach to this song give it a different feel but if you give it a couple of listens, this is a humble gem.

7) In Voids - This has to be the best song on the album. Seems to be a poetic telling of someones existence or, as it says it the song, their "struggle to exist."

8) Natural Habitat - "Lately you seem so tired and bored. and I'm sorry your feel your toes are sewn to the front door. but you got your needle and thread." Beautiful way of capturing how we all yearn for something different or for some sense of change when we feel stuck, though we don't do anything about it when we are capable.

Overall: Regardless if you like this type of music, it seems impossible to let this artist go without recognition. Every song has such an honest approach. The melodies allow David Valdez's voice to smoothly soar over them in each song. Take the time to listen to a couple of the songs. Close your eyes and pay full attention to the lyrics and before you realize it, David Valdez will have pictures painted on the lids of your eyes.

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