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While not as well known or extensively recorded as other vocal improvisers like Jeanne Lee, Irene Abei, or even Urzula Dudziak, Linda Sharrock's soaring, swelling sound is just as penetrating and striking. She was featured with her then husband Sonny on the classic Atlantic album Black Woman (sadly out of print), in which her screams, yelps, cries, and calls were punctuated by Sharrock's splintering riffs, dissonant lines, and slamming, percussive phrases. It was a jarring experience even for listeners who'd heard late period Coltrane and were then still dealing with Albert Ayler (1970). Linda Sharrock later parted musical company with Sonny, then resurfaced on a 1986 album by a group called the Pat Brothers. This time she was doing a quasi-'50s cool narratives/vocals, while the trio of Wolfgang Puschning, Wolfgang Mitterer and Wolfgang Reising meshed an array of alto sax screams and bleats, flute lines, synthesizer noodling, sampled snippets and crashing drum beats. This time, Sharrock was the calming influence. She certainly hasn't been a straight singer. ~ Ron Wynn

    Philadelphia, PA

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