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Great set of hits but some minor flaws


I've had this CD for at least 10 years (bought it in the mall, which is fitting considering it's kind of mall music). Nearly all of her hits and singles are here but oddly missing is the Bollywood sounding "Hurt Me..(But The Pants Stay On)" , which should have been a hit but by 1991 and was the much touted single from the "Just One Night" album...other singles/tracks from that album do appear. Also, there are strange edits and remixes. The worst case of this is "Naughty Girls", where they delete some of the exchanges between Sam and Full Force. In general, a fun mix of dance pop, R&B pop and even elements of rock and club music with some very light ballads thrown in. I would recommend but still for an album with this many tracks, you think they would have gotten all the singles.



well what can i say about this beautiful woman!! she rocks!! from the page 3 glory days to her latest day, this is it, the best collection of sams songs is here, but we need her new album angel with an attitude and also some music videos!! well press yes and buy it you wont regret it :) cheers!

About Samantha Fox

When she was 16 years old, Samantha Fox rose to stardom in Britain as a topless model in the Daily Sun newspaper. Fox's popularity as a model soon led to a record contract. She released her first single, "Touch Me (I Want Your Body)," in 1986. "Touch Me" set the pattern for her career -- frothy, sexually suggestive dance-pop with good beats and sketchy melodies. Throughout her career, Fox always accentuated her sex appeal, making it take priority over her music. Nevertheless, she had a fairly long string of hits, beginning with the U.K. number three single "Touch Me." "Do Ya, Do Ya (Wanna Please Me)" followed her debut single into the British Top Ten.

Soon afterward, her records were released in America to nearly equal success. Touch Me, her debut album, went gold with the title track hitting number four. Her next two singles didn't fare as well, yet "Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)" -- taken from her second album, Samantha Fox (1987) -- became a number three hit in the U.S. Samantha Fox also went gold, as did 1988's I Wanna Have Some Fun, but the hits dried up after that album. Fox has since tried her hand at acting. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

    London, England
  • BORN
    Apr 15, 1966

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