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67 Ratings

Landmark album

This album was my introduction to The Notwist, back in late 2002, before the U.S. release of Neon Golden. Suffice it to say that their music has permanently altered my life since. The band is comprised of four gentlemen who are involved in numerous side projects, including Lali Puna, Console, Ms. John Soda, and 13 & God. Neon Golden is the culmination of the odd trajectory taken by a hardcore German punk band into the realm of an experimental/electronic/woodwind outfit that has incredible chemistry. They're hands down the tightest band I have ever seen live.

Parting of the Sensory

This is a remarkable album.

This album is a classic that has been buried deep down in the depths of underground music culture for far too long.


very close to a perfect album.

For those of us who like electronic music, but don't like dance music, The Notwist is a godsend. Neon Golden is one of the best examples of what a computer SHOULD do when creating music. Just listen to the samples, the music speaks for itself.

About The Notwist

Formed near Munich as a post-hardcore band, the Notwist gradually began to embrace a fusion of classic '80s indie pop songwriting and scruffy electronic backings indebted to Oval and Autechre. The quartet comprises brothers Markus and Micha Acher (on vocals/guitar and bass, respectively) plus programmer/keyboard player Martin Gretschmann and drummer Martin Messerschmid. Their self-titled 1989 debut and 1992's Nook were rough-and-tumble punk LPs. Third album 12 marked the group's first flirtation with electronics, though the chord structures and vocals of Markus Acher marked the Notwist more as an alternative band. The band then gained an American distribution deal with Zero Hour, and after 12 was reissued, fourth album Shrink -- almost entirely abstract electronic in nature -- appeared in 1998. Neon Golden (2002) and The Devil, You + Me (2008) were both song-oriented in nature, albeit with electronics continuing to play a significant role in the band's material. In 2013, the band resurfaced with the single "Close to the Glass." The album of the same name, which boasted some of the Notwist's most accessible songwriting and experimental instrumentation, arrived in early 2014. Later that year, the band issued The Messier Objects, a collection of instrumental tracks written in the years between The Devil, You + Me and Close to the Glass. The live album Superheroes, Ghostvillains & Stuff appeared in 2016, capturing the second of the band's three consecutive sold-out shows in Leipzig, Germany in late 2015. ~ John Bush

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