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6 Ratings
apocalypsynch ,

Yeah, what IS this?

I'm a huge fan of Kajagoogoo and find myself rushing to their defense whenever someone smirkily uses their name as an example of '80s cheese. "You hafta hear 'Lion's Mouth' and 'Hang On Now' (an achey, minor-chord masterpiece which remains my all-time favorite pop song by anybody)!", I tell them.

Too much of the '80s revival is focused on revisiting the same Top 40 hits everyone who was there remembers, instead of digging deeper into those same artists' catalogues and discovering the decade's bands one may have missed the first time around. But that just makes "Too Shy" stand out all the more.....it's such a strong pop song that no matter how heavily-rotated it gets, I never switch the channel on it.

So what is Limahl trying to prove by doing inferior covers of songs he did as part of Kajagoogoo? We know you guys had lots of interpersonal problems (not even VH1 could get you guys back together for much longer than one show).....why not just get back to doing good songs like we know you can do (like "Tar Beach")? His new track "Tell Me Why" sounds so formulaic and is even cheesier than "Never-Ending Story"; at least that children's song was catchy and somewhat original. The very danceable techno grooves of the D.o.n.s. remix of "Tell Me Why" are worth checking out (because Limahl sat this one out almost completely).

That 'artwork' for "So Far So Good".......is sooooo baaaad!

DonnaSaxon ,

Soooo Goooood

This is well worth having, Limahl sounds more amazing than ever and he does wonderful on Lion's Mouth, Shouldn't Do That and Turn your back on Me. I just love how he sounds today and have been constantly playing this on my ipod. Can't wait for more music from him, solo or with the "goo" I am a BIG fan.

Musesicman ,

Limahl covers Kaja!

I never write reviews but had to after reading the one about how us true Kaja fans know better that these are actual Kaja songs -- the Kaja songs are from their two solo albums but these are Limahl's versions of them -- entirely redone with his vox and band! This is a treat for any true fans of either band -- there must have been plenty of material before the split that each claims ownership too.

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