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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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22 Ratings


You may recognize the title of my review from the hit movie Borat. I thought it was a good quote from him to describe the album, because Borat often said “IT’S NICE!” and I think this album is nice. Not nice like how a person gives you a present on your birthday, but nice as in “oh nice!” That’s what I think about it. It’s a good album and you should get it. All the tracks are good too. I like them. They’re nice!

Tim Tribow


I was listening to the album with my wife Charlene, and she was enjoying it a little too much for my taste. So I pushed it and finally she admitted she had sex with this "Brian" while he was recording the album. So he may have written these jokes, but I don't know who it is telling them. I'm pretty sure a theater full of people would have noticed if there was a 900 lb woman on stage with him.

That said, it was very funny.

5 Stars.

Dan Garces

Finaly Famtady VII

friggin aerith, man.

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