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Amazing SIngle from an Amazing Band!

Johnny Grey,

The will kick your face in with every song they have and this new song comes a new era. The Fold have been laying low for a couple of years, but this return will be grand if this single proves anything. Do yourself a favor and pick this song up!

They're Almost Back. . .


They're last EP was waaay too technoish for me so i lost my taste in the band. I happened about this song by accident and was like whoa they've returned to their former selves. . .almost. They actually sound like a real band again. . .like they did in SKYS and TTSP. If they continue on this treck they'll be back to the old band we came to know and love. . .good song!!

About The Fold

Chicago pop/punk outfit Showoff released one album on Maverick and recorded (but never issued) a second before three-fourths of its members (everyone but the singer) decided to pack their bags in 2002. Those three subsequently started the Fold together, and though that initial lineup didn't last, the name stuck. By the time the Fold had signed with Tooth & Nail Records in March 2005, it comprised sole Showoff alum Daniel Castady (who had switched out his Showoff drums to man lead vocals and guitar), alongside guitarist Aaron Green, bassist Keith Mochel, and drummer Mark Rhoades, who had all cut their teeth prior in various local bands. Taking influence for their Christian-themed pop/rock sound from groups like Far and Saves the Day, the Fold debuted in February 2006 with the long-player This Too Shall Pass. They supported it on the road throughout the year alongside acts like Project 86, Anberlin, and Sherwood. The band's road activity set things up nicely for the release of their sophomore effort, Secrets Keep You Sick, in May 2007. ~ Corey Apar

    Chicago, IL

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