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4.7 out of 5

58 Ratings

58 Ratings

A Final Fantasy Album Worthy of it's Name


One of the better Final Fantasy scores, this truly is both an emotional and technical roller coaster. With the most voice work of any Final Fantasy soundtrack, this album's sound is just dripping with style. You could be dancing to one track, gripped with epic caution the next, or even cry a few tears. Classic soundtrack, worthy of the Final Fantasy name and a must buy.



I do love it when Square Enix gets smart to put their music on Itunes. Amazing music from the game. 5/5



Not gonna lie, I thought the game was just above trash in my opinion. I did not like the game at all. However, the soundtrack is the one redeeming quality for the whole thing that made me bear through the entire game. This is one of my favorite Final Fantasy albums to date. This team effort was a fantastic move by Square Enix and Masashi Hamauzu. Just overall great music overall. Not a single bad piece in this entire thing

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