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About Dolour

Dolour is the name songwriter Shane Tutmarc gives himself and the ever-changing band of collaborators he surrounds himself with. Due to its constantly changing lineup, Dolour's sound can be extremely variable. However, with influences such as Brian Wilson, the Beatles, the Flaming Lips, Paul Simon, and Pink Floyd, the pop element is the one thing that remains a constant in Shane Tutmarc's music.

Although early incarnations of the band can be traced back to 1997, Dolour's first official full-length album Waiting for a World War, was not released until April 2001 on Sonic Boom Recordings. Meeting with good reviews, a temporary Dolour lineup would embark on a limited West Coast tour.

In 2002, Dolour returned with the remarkably tight sophomore effort, Waiting for a World War. ~ Solar Marquardt

    Seattle, WA

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