43 Songs, 2 Hours 29 Minutes


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4.9 out of 5
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123 Ratings

Very evocative

Dr. Bang

Are these sung in an actual language or is it artistic gibberish?


Bad Wolf85

I was disapointed, since Nobou Uematsu had stopped writing songs for Final Fantasy I didn't like the music that came with the latest release... I eagerly awaited for Nier, and I have to say both the game and the music are knock your socks of phenomenal! In fact, I think, not since Shadow of the Collossus has the music been such an integral part of the atomosphere and story telling of the game. The music is phenomenal, amazing! wonderful! even someone who has never played Nier will surely enjoy it. Its just, hauntingly beautiful, I think those words describe it perfectly.

Simply stunning.


The music for this game is absolutely sublime. Listen to the samples and if you find that this genre appeals to you do not hesitate to take a chance on this one.

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