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4.9 out of 5
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124 Ratings
Bad Wolf85


I was disapointed, since Nobou Uematsu had stopped writing songs for Final Fantasy I didn't like the music that came with the latest release... I eagerly awaited for Nier, and I have to say both the game and the music are knock your socks of phenomenal! In fact, I think, not since Shadow of the Collossus has the music been such an integral part of the atomosphere and story telling of the game. The music is phenomenal, amazing! wonderful! even someone who has never played Nier will surely enjoy it. Its just, hauntingly beautiful, I think those words describe it perfectly.



One of the best video game soundtracks ever. Pick this up and the game. You wont be disappointed.


Really surprising

Whil I really don't like to review video game OST, as it is somewhat of a niche market, I was incredibly impressed by this soundtrack. I have not played this game yet, but read a review saying that the soundtrack was out of this world phenominal, and saved the game from an much lower rating.
They were quite true. The game's sound track definitely has echoes of Rogue Galaxy in it, mixed with Lost Odyessy. In fact, I really haven't had the pleasure of listening to a soundtrack so evocative since Lost Odyessy. As I had already said, I haven't played the game (although I am familiar with the story), so these songs don't merely cause recall of scenes from the game, but really are able to bring about the atmosphere. Why I think for some it is enjoyable to play the game, and then buy the soundtrack, it might just be better to become familliar with the sound track before playing the game on this title.

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