1 Song, 3 Minutes


About Meanest Man Contest

Before Meanest Man Contest, Quarterbar (aka guitarist Noah Blumberg of Oakland, CA, indie rock outfit Jim Yoshii Pile-Up) and MC Eriksolo had been together in mic.edu; however, that project dissolved when fellow rapper A-Twice passed away unexpectedly. MMC emerged from the verdant Oakland underground with the 7" "Contaminated Dance Step"/"Feelin' Pretty Psyched (About Love)," released on MC Eriksolo's own Weapon-Shaped label. As Eriksolo laid down organic, vaguely Latyrx-esque raps, DJ/producer Quarterbar conducted the beat alchemy on the bottom end. The duo's smoky, abstract music made an immediate splash in the alternative hip-hop community, and paved the way for their full-length release. Merit, issued by Plug Research in February of 2003, was the sound of ghosts falling down stairs, or freestyling in the Fortress of Solitude. It marked a new direction for the always vibrant Oakland/Bay Area underground sound, and put Meanest Man Contest on the map. ~ Johnny Loftus