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Great Effort - probably their best

#1 Zappa Fan,

The Nines turn up the guitars on this effort and it's probably my favorite album by them. Sure there are glimpses of The Who, XTC, The Beatles, etc throughout this effort. But it sounds as though they went into the studio to show they can rock out with the best of the power pop groups out there.
Sure I have my favorites ("Cathy" and "Never Take You for Granted") but I can listen to this album from beginning to end and enjoy the entire album.

About The Nines

The Nines are comprised of Steve Eggers (vocals, bass), Sam Tallo (guitar), and Aaron Nielson (drums). Their self-titled, independent cassette was released in 1994; their full-length CD follow-up, Wonderworld of Colorful, was released in 1997. In 1998, the Nines were named Best Unnamed Band at the North by Northwest Conference. A self-titled EP was released by Universal in April 1999. ~ Gina Boldman

    Oakville, Ontario, Canada

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