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Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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4.7 out of 5
22 Ratings
22 Ratings
Azuride ,


A great album that successfully lives up to the expectations set by For Aeons Past.

This album does sound quite different than the previous one. Whether the changes are for better or worse is obviously up to the listener. I have given this album 3 thorough listens and I can't claim I am as satisfied with this album as I initially was with Aeons, but I am far from disappointed. It is definitely enjoyable and I'm sure it'll grow on me even more in the upcoming weeks.

I expected more from a long track like I, Nemesis (don't misunderstand; the song is beautifully crafted, but for what it delivered I felt it was rather repetitive due to how long it was). The album as a whole works well and it experiments with different pacing throughout.

Well worth the wait. It has been 5 years since the first album released and I have been anxiously anticipating more from Solution .45. Keep up the good work folks. Excellent music.

ReinaSDMF ,

Solid album but doesn't compare to the first

Overall I wasn't to impressed with the new release. I would rank the first album as one of my top 5 all time favorites but NITWS didn't have the same ring to it. Christian is an amazing singer and his clean vocals are among the best in the genre but I didn't feel the same energy coming from this album. The clean vocals didn't really sync with the riffs and most the of the songs lacked what I was expecting based off the first CD. I understand every band evolves and sounds change but I was expecting Solution to really top the last release and blow it away... Not the case this time but I am hoping the second part of this double album will be a little better. This review is by NO means to dispute the talents of the musicians or "complain" this album is bad, it just wasn't wasn't what I was expecting. I will still spin this album as some of the songs have grown on me but will be anticipating part 2 down the road!

Vylance X ,

Excellent Follow Up

I absolutely love the album. Anyone who enjoyed For Aeons Past or Christian-era Scar Symmetry will enjoy this just the same.

The only qualm I have with the album is that they basically followed the same formula from FAP. Song #5 on both is the slower, melodic, clean one and song #11 is the lengthy, epic one. But, that's neither here nor there.

Excited to hear what they have for Part 2.

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