11 Songs, 54 Minutes


About Rhea's Obsession

The gothic beauty behind Rhea's Obsession surrounds Greek mythology and twists with Celtic and Bulgarian musical stylings for a unique electro-industrial depiction. Formed in 1995 with guitarist Jim Field and classically trained vocalist Sue Hutton, the two composed the score to the experimental flick Tabulae Anatomacae Sex, which incorporated their flawless Dead Can Dance-like ambience thought, bringing them critical acclaim and a hand in music for films. Later work consisted of arranging scores to regular Canadian shows on MuchMusic and Bravo, but Rhea's Obsession also yearned for a recording career as well. In 1996, Hutton and Field formed a tour band with Ryan Bloomer (drums), Rakesh Tewari (tablas and percussion), Ed Hanley (tablas and percussion), and Chris Gagnon (keyboards) in support of the band's debut Initiation. Praise at college radio soon followed and the lush tribal hues of Initiation also brought the goth rock/darkwave circuit up from the underground in Canada and equaled more airtime play for Rhea's Obsession. Several compilations showcasing the band's spellbinding film material were released throughout the rest of the decade, as well as a second album Between Earth and Sky. ~ MacKenzie Wilson




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