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Stateside techno producer Geoff White emerged in the early 2000s as one of the genre's more promising talents. Lush synth washes embedded with plenty of soothing melodies remain at the foreground of his productions, while elegant and often calm rhythm tracks linger deeper in the mix. By applying a sparse, minimal techno-style arrangement to this palette of glimmering sounds, White quickly caught the attention of the techno community who were quick to note his Detroit techno-influenced sound along with his subtle glitch aesthetic. First came a series of 12" releases for labels such as Force Inc, Cytrax, Morris Audio, and Delay. These early productions led to an appearance at the 2001 Detroit Electronic Music Festival that summer. Later that year, Force Inc released White's debut LP, Questions and Comments, further confirming his growing prestige within the global techno community. He then went on to start his own label, Edit, and release some tracks for other labels such as Proptronix and Lofi Stereo. His next Force Inc release, Discord (2003), was a split album with Stewart Walker. ~ Jason Birchmeier

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