10 Songs, 42 Minutes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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Josh Bruner


Pure Reason Revolution has been in my top 3 bands since I discovered them years ago. I was crushed to see them disband after Hammer and Anvil, but when PRR started to talk up Jon's newest project, Bullet Height, I was nothing but excited. To discover it was a partnership with Sammi Doll was perfection. This debut album sounds amazing. A unique mixture of Jon's voice on some songs and more of Sammi's on others. Some songs are a perfect balance of both and layered on the darker, heavier sounds is a pleasure to listen to. Consider me as attached to Bullet Height's future as I was to PRR. These two team up to form a seamless and epic combination. Rock on, Bullet Height!

About Bullet Height

Featuring Sammi Doll (vocals, keys) of synth pop outfit IAMX and Jon Courtney (vocals, guitars) of alt-rock group, Pure Reason Revolution, Bullet Height is a Berlin-based electronic rock project known for its industrial-tinged electronics, crushing guitar riffs, and pummeling drum work. Formed in 2015, the project was born after Courtney's decision to relocate from London to Berlin. After settling in, he got to work on producing some new music with the intention of it being much heavier and darker than his mainstay project's. With a hefty amount of material on his hands, he eventually found his direction after meeting Doll through a mutual friend one Halloween night in the German capital. Doll had moved to Berlin to join IAMX on tour, and after discussing artistic tastes with Courtney, the pair decided to pursue a new avenue of musical possibilities and Bullet Height was conceived. After some time spent writing and recording together, the duo was signed to German independent label Superball Music and unveiled their first track, "Bastion," in early 2016. The song was commended for its stark, visceral nature while boasting magnetic melodies and hooks. The ensemble then got to work on their first full-length effort while performing in and around the enthusiastic underground music scene in Berlin. The summer of 2016 saw Bullet Height put out their second single, "Hold Together." The release also featured B-side remixes of the track by pioneering British breakbeat DJ/producer Hyper, and the Texas-based ArtVersusIndustry. Bullet Height's debut album, No Atonement, arrived via Superball Music in May of 2017. ~ Rob Wacey

Berlin, Germany