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Even if Beam Up deliver like a modern reggae sound system based in Jamaica, they comprise a U.K. native, an Australian DJ, and a former swing band trumpeter, who are actually all the same man, Brian May. May's music career began at the age of six when he took the usually adult job of playing in a nostalgic big band. Jump ahead a decade-and-a-half and May's job as a party promoter brought him to Australia, while DJ gigs at club events gave him the alternative names DJ Delay and Beam Up. A day gig at Melbourne's PBS FM introduced radio listeners to his free-form style, then the global party scene pulled him away, sending him to live in Berlin for a spell before landing in Osaka where his love of reggae bloomed. Beam Up became a recording act in 2010 when May's own label, Beaming Productions, released the debut album Terra Sonica. Five years later he landed on the BBE label with Innerstand, an album dedicated to the legendary dub producer King Tubby. ~ David Jeffries

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